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Full Day Handyman Service

Let our certified HMX Technicians get all of those tasks on your “To Do” list for you.  We’ll show up with our tools and experience to knock out those odd jobs around your house!

BBB Member

Why hire a guy from Craigslist when you can hire a professional that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau for a fair price.

Water Solutions

Handyman Xtreme has been searching for a long time for a better alternative to the typical water softeners and reverse osmosis water systems and we have finally found it in

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Handyman Services In Phoenix, AZ

Full Day Handyman

Don’t pay per task, bring in one of our certified technicians and put them to work for the full day!

Commercial Projects

Handyman Xtreme provides a wide range of the most common home electrical services, including:

Residential Projects

Some home repairs projects are just outside the reach of many do-it-yourselfers not to mention risky.

Rental Properties

Handyman Xtreme provides a full range of services to help maintain rental properties in tip-top shape

Home or Office To-Do List Not Getting Any Shorter?

Check out Handyman Xtreme’s Full-Day or Half-Day handyman service.



1 Company to work with


1 appointment to make


1 set price for the whole day


1 Certified crime free technician


1 mind put at ease

handyman xtreme commercial repair

Commercial Repairs

Handyman Xtreme technicians specialize in small commercial maintenance and repair items. Our services are perfect for small brick and mortar businesses, rental properties, medical and dental offices, restaurants and bars, and strip malls. Our regular interval service plans ensure everything’s kept in tip-top shape!…

Residential Repairs

Some of our customers are pretty darn handy, but many around home repairs and maintenance projects are just outside the reach of many do-it-yourselfers not to mention risky. That’s where Handyman Xtreme comes in–most of your common household repair and maintenance projects are in our toolkit and probably on your “To-Do” list!

No need to spend a small fortune hiring multiple specialists.

Hiring an electrician to move an outlet or install a smart thermostat, a plumber for a totally clogged drain or leaky pipe, and a carpenter to fix holes in the drywall or install a new door adds up to a small fortune. Jobs like these are where Handyman Xtreme pros excel—combining versatility with affordability.

Why Choose Us?

  • BBB Member
  • Professional & Certified Technicians
  • Prompt & Reliable Service Calls
  • Certified, Bonded & Insured
  • ‘We Treat Your Home & Property As Our Own!

What Our Clients Say?

  •   These guys try for your best and it shows your true colors here on Yelp with all the great reviews. I don't know where all these haters are coming from not giving five stars but haters gotta hate and I hate on haters because those are the picky bastards that can never be pleased or completely satisfied. Hate to see how the unsatisfied life suits them in the bedroom. Yikes kinda scary right. How can people go around this world completely dissatisfied I don't know but beware business owners and customers because they are out there. Way out there like koo Koo and stuff. What's a business gotta do to get love with 5 star reviews these days? Sheesh

    thumb Aaron C.
  •   I'm very happy with this company. Everything was smooth and as stated. Kurt was on time and did a great job installing the range hood and duct work. I will be sure to call again when the next project comes up. Price was fair. Thanks, Steve

    thumb Steve P.
  •   Handyman Xtreme came out to my house on 12-13-2018 to install a dog door.  They did a great job !  Very professional from my initial phone call.  Everything explained in email before tech came over.  The tech was professional, friendly, and did a nice clean job.  I would use this company again.  Thank you , Handyman Xtreme !!

    thumb Craig M.
  •   HORRIBLE! Long story short. Before making the apt. They required a picture of the requested work because they won't commit until they submit an estimate that you committed to. I explained that it was a disassembled bookcase that needed to be assembled. But they still wanted the picture. Then they wanted a picture of it assembled. I happened to have one because we're moving it. This back and forth took a whole day to accomplish. And I explained that all it entailed was screwing together 4 sections. About 15 mins work. It then took 2 days to get the estimate ( I had to ask for it 4 times). Promises to send made and never kept. In the end they wanted to charge $125.00 + $8.00 for non existent "materials!

    thumb pat d.
  •   I seldom write reviews for businesses but I know how daunting it is to find a reliable handyman. I'd like to point out that Brian does an exemplary job. He has a very polite and knowledgeable demeanor, and delivers excellent results. I've used this company for three jobs and I will keep using them for future needs. I especially like the fact that they base their estimates on specific details that the customer provides through pictures and measurements.

    thumb Christie L.
  •   Kurt did a great job replacing our mirror in the master bedroom that had broken. He asked multiple questions to ensure it was installed just how we wanted it. I appreciate the attention to detail!

    thumb Venmathy R.
  •   My wife and I recently remodeled a house and had a number of contractors come through over the last few months. Of all of them, our experience with Handyman Xtreme was the best. The attention to detail was amazing and the process was easy. I cannot remember the name of the handyman that worked on our house, but he was respectful, clean and punctual. They replaced a wall oven, fixed window screens, re-grouted the bathrooms and more. Everything turned out perfect!

    thumb Chris E.
  •   I hired this company to do a couple things around the house due to all the good reviews on Yelp. Unfortunately, I had a bad experience. I had an outlet in the garage installed, which took longer than anticipated. I was told that they had to fix a couple things to do it to code, which is fine. My concern was that I was paying for a half day and the handyman had to leave to go to the hardware store to get more supplies. I also had a wall AC unit put in. The handyman left before I looked at it and when I went in to check the unit, I noticed that it was on and would not turn off. I called and he came back but was unable to fix it. He called the company and they told me to send it back. After he left, I called the company and they told me how to fix it myself. I had to secure a couple wires that were loose from shipping. I was unhappy that he did not plug it in to check prior to the installation. When I called to complain, the girl on the phone told me I was rude. I did not appreciate her attitude.

    thumb Michellee M.
  •   I had a leak in my sink that affected the pipe traveling from the faucet to the fridge. They were able to change the pipes and the angle stops for a small fee. The required before photos in order to give an estimate.

    However once the repair was completed, their estimate came in $25 under.

    I'm yet provided after picture and their repair service is covered under warranty for 3 years.

    I would recommend their services. I think they are fair and knowledgeable in what they do.

    They are also licensed, bonded and insured for protection.

    thumb Abby S.
  •   He did a major repair on our upstairs shower leak a year ago & it's still good!  Have used Kurt many times over the years because he gets the job done!  He isn't a fly-by-night construction guy that drinks, screws up or does drugs, he's a family man that is fully invested in his career!

    thumb K G.