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Salt-Free Water Softener and Whole-House Drinking Water System is Safer, Easier, and More Affordable for Everyone!


Come on in, the water’s fine!

Chances are if you have a water softening system, it’s salt-based. Brine tank? 40-pound bags of salt pellets? A major appliance consuming precious real estate in your home or garage? Loud when back-cycling? Gobbles up gallons (approximately 40 gallons) of unnecessary water everyday? If this describes your home’s system, we’ve got something practical, safer for you, your plumbing, and the environment, and affordable for everyone.

Have a reverse osmosis system? You can say goodbye to that, too…

Compact Citrus-Based Conditioner and Whole House Drinking Water Solution

Handyman Xtreme has been searching for a long time for a better alternative to the typical water softeners and reverse osmosis water systems and we have finally found it in Nuvo H2O. We think so highly of this eco-friendly, citrus-based water treatment system that we have become certified as an official distributor and installer. Nuvo H2O is nearly maintenance-free, worry-free, healthier than salt-based systems, cleans more thoroughly and can provide safe drinking-quality water unlike any salt water systems. And that slimy feeling on your skin when you bathe? Gone!

Whole House Drinking Water That’s Safe and Purified: Handyman Xtreme provides a Nuvo H2O installation option that gives you whole house drinking water–any spigot where water flows delivers you safe, purified drinking water. If you have a reverse osmosis system you probably only have purified drinking water available from one faucet now, but the Nuvo H2O system can be set up to deliver purified drinking water to every spigot or faucet in your home, even the outside garden hose.

Citrus Vs. Salt

Instead of salt or potassium, Nuvo H2O conditions your hard water using citrus. Citric acid is an organic acid that’s found in citrus fruits and already used for many other things, including food flavorings, preservatives, and cleaning products. But citric acid is also a proven chelation agent, so it’s useful for neutralizing hard minerals during ion exchange, or the chemical process of water “softening.”

Because it’s such an effective cleaner, citric acid is also effective for removing scale build-up on the inside of your pipes and water heater. That’s the crusty stuff that eventually eats your pipes from the inside out over time and is the residue of hard-water systems. Salt is a corrosive, as well. Citric acid? It’s mild on your pipes.

How It Works

The water in your home flows through the citrus cartridge. Just enough citric acid enters the water to condition it and remove hard minerals and metals. You change the citrus cartridge twice a year.. That’s it. It uses no electricity, wastes no water, needs no drain. There’s no salt, no tanks, no timers.

This system is FDA-approved and the water that flows from it is purified, safe, and salt-free:

  • Shower and bathe
  • Water your plants
  • Wash your dishes and clothes with it

If you live here then you know hard water. The Nuvo H2O is an affordable and practical answer to the antiquated and cumbersome salt-based water softening systems. It replaces reverse osmosis filtration systems, too!

A Compact, Simple, Worry-Free “System”

The Nuvo H2O system offers the following advantages to your traditional salt-based system:

  • Reduces sodium in your diet which can add up over time
  • Takes up no floor space; no brine tank, no back-cycling system, no calibration
  • Twice a year cartridge change and no monthly pellet bags to buy, lug, or store
  • Leaves your skin softer and without that salt-water itch
  • Uses zero electricity
  • It’s silent
  • Wastes no water
  • FDA-approved
  • Maximizes the lifespan of your plumbing and water heaters
  • Removes scale build-up from within
  • “Direct-Flow” design does not reduce your water flow and pressure like other more expensive salt-free systems that “dam” the water while they work
  • Costs 2 or 3 times less than the cost for a new conventional salt water softening system
  • Replaces a reverse osmosis filtration system
  • Lifetime warranty

Installation Options

Handyman Xtreme offers three installation options for the Nuvo H2O citrus-based conditioners. There is a solution for everyone– as long as you have running water, we have an installation option for you!

Option 1: Completely replaces a conventional salt-water based system or can be installed where there is no system today.*

Option 2: Our bestseller by far! This system offers the best bang for the buck because it completely replaces your soft water system or reverse osmosis system and gives you whole house drinking water. Drink from the hose if you want! Every faucet in your home flows with safe and fresh drinking water from a system that is FDA-approved.

Option 3: Designed for customers who source water from a well. The system includes a sedimentation filter that extracts even the finest sediment.

*(Note: Where there is no soft water loop, additional plumbing work may be required.)

Safer, healthier, eco-friendly, compact, nearly maintenance free, saves your plumbing, affordable for everyone, with three installation options, including an affordable option that gives you safe, purified drinking water throughout your home…. Easy, easy, easy! We can’t think of one thing not to like about Nuvo H2O’s citrus-based softening system, which is why we are an authorized distributor and installer. Why not get that old-fashioned, inefficient, salty water softener system out of your home ASAP? Contact us today.

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