Property Inspection Repairs

Property Inspection Repairs

Many common repair and replacement jobs in and around a home and property simply do not require the skills or expense of a general contractor! Which is why we have been so successful in offering property inspection repairs. Our skills and experience are diverse and workmanship detailed. Our services are prompt and cost-effective.

Because we specialize in everything from carpentry and framing to electrical, plumbing and flat screen TV installation, our technicians are experienced, quick, and usually able to address multiple repairs in one visit.

How It Works

  • We receive the inspector’s report
  • We develop a price quote based on the exact number of items on the list and considering the labor and supplies we expect will be needed
  • Based on the items, we prioritize the job ensuring we maximize opportunities to multi-task and deliver the most efficient services in the fewest visits
  • We work with you to ensure repairs are complete and signed- off in a timely manner

General Contractor Referrals

As part of our property inspection repairs if we evaluate a job that requires the attention and skills of a specialist, we can help you find a trusted professional. We have a preferred list of specialized contractors with whom we have worked over the years and trust with servicing our clients.

Home inspection repairs? We are masters of prioritizing and multi-tasking. We can save you time and money so you can get your property sold. Workmanship done right and guaranteed. Call now.