Furniture Assembly

Furniture Assembly

“Assembly required.” Furniture that comes in a dozen or so pieces in a cardboard box can require time, tools, and skills that you simply don’t have available. Not to mention patience! If you’ve bought multiple pieces that require assembly, then the time and patience necessary to build your furniture become exponential.

Handyman Xtreme provides experienced professionals able to get these chores done quickly and correctly (Note: we charge $100 per hour for these services).

The risks for attempting to assemble your new furniture yourself? Expensive components break or your pieces are damaged during assembly, making your brand new furniture look old and worn.

Our furniture assembly services can include the following:

  • Unpacking
  • Inventory of components and parts
  • Assembly
  • Placement
  • Clean up and removal of packing materials

More and more furniture these days is sold as “assembly required.” This is particularly true of furniture you buy at many of the big-box stores or from online retailers. Seem simple enough to assemble yourself?

When you don’t have the time or the tools to devote to assembling furniture from Ikea, Amazon, or other big-box stores, call Handyman Xtreme. We can have your living room, bedroom, dining room, porch or patio furniture properly assembled in no time.