About Handyman Xtreme

At Handyman Xtreme we have the same goal that you do – making your home the best place to live. Not only are we an Arizona original, but we are also the Valley’s leading home improvement specialist, this means that you can be assured that your home repair and remodeling jobs are in experienced hands. Our work is guaranteed and we take great pride in knowing we’ve done it right.

Our Specialty

At Handyman Xtreme, our specialty is listening to our customers’ needs. We make your vision our number one priority and we can tackle everything from ceiling fans to faucet replacement, as well as roof repair and much, much more.

Working with a Licensed Contractor like Handyman Xtreme

From your first phone call to Handyman Xtreme you’ll notice the personalized service. You will always talk to a friendly customer service representative who will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have. They will quickly and efficiently schedule your estimate or project appointments. When you receive an Estimate for a project, it will be in writing before-hand so you always know the project costs. For your peace of mind, Handyman Xtreme has a 24-hour warranty policy to take care of issues that may arise. You will appreciate Handyman Xtreme’s attention to detail and customer service – that’s why over 50% of their clients are from repeat business and referrals. Something Handyman Xtreme takes great pride in.

Something Handyman Xtreme takes great pride in. Working with a Licensed Contractor Like Handyman Xtreme It’s not always easy to tell if the person you are hiring to come to your home or business to do work for you, is licensed by the state as a contractor. We’re different…We are darn proud of our licensure so we are crowing about it! Why is it so important to seek out a licensed handyman like Handyman Xtreme?

  • Licensure helps ensure that the professionals providing contracting services, like many of the services we offer, have the skills, the professional resources, and the business structure in place, to adequately provide those services.
  • The state of Arizona also conducts criminal background checks on all applicants, which gives you additional peace of mind. Another reason to be suspect of those skirting the application process. Do you really want someone just off the street coming into your home or business who’s leading you to believe they are professionally skilled to deliver the types of services we offer?
  • Want a handyman or contractor who stands by the work they do? Licensed contractors are also required to adhere to work warranties or risk their license.

As licensed contractors are we legally permitted to take on much larger jobs, allowing us to be competitive AND serve our customers’ needs. We believe it’s good for our business, good for other professional contractors working hard to carve out a living, and good for you – so always make sure you hire a licensed contractor like Handyman Xtreme.