Residential Maintenance and Repairs

Some of our customers are pretty darn handy, but many around home repairs and maintenance projects are just outside the reach of many do-it-yourselfers not to mention risky. That’s where Handyman Xtreme comes in–most of your common household repair and maintenance projects are in our toolkit and probably on your “To-Do” list!

No need to spend a small fortune hiring multiple specialists.

Hiring an electrician to move an outlet or install a smart thermostat, a plumber for a totally clogged drain or leaky pipe, and a carpenter to fix holes in the drywall or install a new door adds up to a small fortune. Jobs like these are where Handyman Xtreme pros excel—combining versatility with affordability.


Common residential repair and maintenance projects.


  • Appliance repair and maintenance: installation and removal of dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers, ovens and ranges, refrigerators and hot water heaters, including moving or modifying electrical and plumbing hookups and outlets. (For repairs, we can recommend a trusted professional!). Find out more


  • Electrical repair and maintenance: we can modify and move outlets, and install the latest energy efficient switches and lighting fixtures that help you save money and conserve energy. Find out more about our electrical services


  • Door and window repairs and maintenance: we provide a wide range of repair and maintenance services for residential doors and windows, including: patio door roller replacement and repair, garage door repair and replacement, window locks, knobs and lock sets.Learn More!



  • Home inspection repairs: let us bundle the repairs on your inspection punch list. Appliances, windows and doors, plumbing and electrical—one and done and ready for a successful sale. Learn more about our home inspection repairs


  • Lighting repairs and maintenance: repairs, installations and conversions for both indoor and outdoor lighting, including track lighting, energy efficient switches, security lights, solar lights, and more. Learn more about our lighting services



  • “Smart home” energy solutions: convert your home’s thermostat to a “smart” thermostat and operate it from any of your mobile devices whether you are home or thousands of miles away! Better for your budget, better for the environment, and oh, the convenience. (Quickly becoming one of our most popular customer requests).


One and Done

Many handyman repair and maintenance jobs can be bundled into one visit, so keep that in mind when calling to schedule service—save yourself time, money, and get everything ship-shape without needless delays or calling in costly specialists for common handyman tasks!


Don’t go it alone! Let us give you a no-obligation estimate on your home maintenance and repair projects. Get A Quote Today.

To-Do List Not Getting Any Shorter?

Check out Handyman Xtreme’s Full-Day or Half-Day handyman service.



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1 appointment to make


1 set price for the whole day


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