Patio Doors & Rollers

Patio Doors & Rollers

Patio Doors & Rollers: Installation, Replacement, Repair

A patio door is a portal to another world—an extension of your home, be it deck, patio, gardens, wooded grove, or child’s play place. So when you need a new patio door, a replacement or repair, the words, “Call Handyman Xtreme” should be at the top of your to-do list.

Our technicians bring experience that ranges from framing and carpentry to general household repairs. That’s the perfect combination of skills to install or repair your patio door with all its possible challenges.

Patio door rollers

Sliding glass doors provide maximum exposure and invite in natural light that enhances your home’s environment. Most sliding glass doors are designed to roll friction-free in smooth aluminum tracks.

For patio doors that undergo heavy use, these components take a beating: rollers and tracks are exposed to dirt, grit and moisture. Over time, excessive use and exposure to the elements can damage or jam them, limiting use of your door.

Repairing your patio door rollers is one of our most popular service requests. For an affordable, fast, and guaranteed repair please request a free quote.